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?The Subaru Ascent draws ever closer, and with it come challengers like the Honda Pilot vying for a spot on your driveway. But while these rivals put up an admirable fight, the Subaru Ascent offers more to drivers who are looking for a family-friendly vehicle with the necessary cargo room, passenger space, and features for a smooth, secure drive around town. How do the Ascent and Pilot stand up to one other? We compared the two to find out!

Subaru Ascent vs. Honda Pilot

Finding the perfect three-row family vehicle requires careful consideration. You want something that boosts confidence as easily as it keeps passengers comfortable and entertained. Not only that, but you need it to perform efficiently. When stacked against the Subaru Ascent, the Honda Pilot falls short.

More Space for Your Stuff

The Honda Pilot certainly isn't lacking in cargo space, but the hard truth that it must accept is that the Subaru Ascent simply has more of it. Whether you have all the seats filled or all the seats down, the Subaru Ascent offers more room with which to work, beating the Honda Pilot's max cargo space by 2.6 cubic feet for a grand total of 86.5 cubic feet of cargo space. Think of the extra bags that won't have to end up in someone's lap!

Standard All-Wheel Drive

If you want the added traction, stability, and balance that comes with AWD, you'll need to shell out extra cash to get the feature on the Honda Pilot. The Subaru Ascent, however, offers Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as a standard feature on all models.

The Subaru Ascent also enjoys slightly better fuel economy than the Honda Pilot (AWD or otherwise).

Standard Subaru EyeSight

Extra peace of mind comes standard on the Subaru Ascent which offers standard EyeSight, a collection of driver-assist features like Forward Collision Warning that helps you and your loved ones avoid accidents. The Honda Pilot offers a similar feature in the form of Honda Sensing, but you'll need to upgrade to even get it as an option.

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