This SUV is the first electric vehicle being produced by the Subaru brand. It comes with one of the best designs in the class. You can tell from the upscale interior and exterior components it boasts. So, if you are looking for a new electric vehicle, we recommend you wait on the Subaru Solterra that will shortly be offered at Sangera Subaru in Bakersfield. When it comes to new vehicle models like The New Subaru Solterra, our dealership delivers.


It will come standard with an all-wheel drive that pairs with a lithium-ion battery plus a duo of electric motors. One motor will be located at the front axle and the other motor at the rear axle. From the setup above, the horsepower to be produced will be adequate. Its estimated driving range is about 260 miles until the battery depletes—perfect for your commute to Delano and beyond.

With the all-wheel-drive standard in the segment, this vehicle will not disappoint in any driving situation, even when traveling to rugged areas like in Porterville and Tehachapi. Using the household charger will charge the battery for several hours. It can either be a 240-volt or a 120-volt charger. Since it is a new electric vehicle, the DC Fast charger capability will not be an issue. It will also have some towing capabilities from the attributes it portrays.


Recent new models are equipped with several tech features that will have your attention, including the Subaru Solettra. It will have an infotainment touch screen that performs various functions, especially when paired with your phone. The touchscreen controls air conditioning, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connection, and Android Auto capability. The automatic climate control will also be available in the feature lineup. The tech automatically maintains a suitable cabin temperature based on the outside temperature. Not to forget the navigation system that mostly comes standard in all new vehicles. The tech uses satellites to discover a given location, which is then displayed on the center console.


Drivers can expect various safety features from the new Subaru Solettra, such as lane keep assist that helps the drivers maintain their lane by detecting unintentional movement from the lane. It alerts the driver through warnings or by steering it back to its position. Like most vehicles, dynamic stability control will also feature. The safety tech is designed to reduce any loss of traction, thus resulting in a stable ride. The airbag system will also come standard in the feature lineup. It activates during a collision and fills the cabin with airbags to prevent serious injuries. Other safety features to expect include automatic emergency braking, side-impact beams, a backup camera, and blind-spot monitoring.

Interior Design

Those looking for luxury should wait on the Subaru Solettra. Expect the new Subaru Solettra to come standard with plenty of opulent components. Anticipate the cabin to be spacious with more legroom and headroom to fit in taller passengers. The seating capacity will be five tops, and each seat will be comfortable since they will be well-padded. Additional features include a cloth headliner, cupholders, leather upholstery, headrests, glove box, and a setup to develop the child car seat.

Exterior Design

The exterior has to be attractive. There are sleek front and rear fascias with a vivid look, adjustable side-view mirrors, automatic high-beam headlights, tinted window glass, and massive tires. It will also boast a lip spoiler, rain-detecting windshield wipers, roof rack rails, and LED tail lamps.

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