Subaru Oil Changes: Which Oil is Right for My Vehicle and When Should I Have My Oil Changed?

Is it time for an oil change on your Subaru vehicle? While it may not seem like it, having your vehicle's motor oil changed is one of the most important and least expensive steps you can take to ensuring your vehicles health and performance far into the future. We know that it can be confusing trying to figure out when your vehicle's motor oil needs to be changed and what oil is the best fit for your vehicle, which is why we're going to provide you with all the information that you need to get your vehicle the proper attention at the right time!

Synthetic vs. Conventional Motor Oil

Both conventional and synthetic motor oil will work with your vehicle, but typically, synthetic motor oil performs better and lasts longer. Synthetic motor oil is refined, distilled and purified, removing all unnecessary components and allowing it to meet the needs of your engine better. However, synthetic motor oil is more expensive, so you have to take that into account when deciding on whether to choose conventional motor oil and more frequent oil changes or the more expensive synthetic motor oil and less trips to have your oil changed.  

When To have My Motor Oil Changed

It typically depends on what vehicle you're driving to decide when is the right time to have your oil changed. In new Subaru models, it's recommended that you have your first oil change after 6,000 miles, but these numbers can vary depending on the weather, temperature and atmosphere of where you live. You can always check your vehicle's driver's manual to consult on the recommended mileage intervals between oil changes. In used Subaru models made after 2011, 6,000 miles is also the recommended mileage intervals that you should follow in between oil changes. As aforementioned, these numbers can be strewed depending on where you live, how often you drive, and your driving style.

Have Your Motor Oil Changed at Sangera Subaru Today!

If you have any questions about which motor oil to use or when to have your oil changed, or you think your Subaru vehicle is in need of an oil change, we welcome you to come join us here in our service center at Sangera Subaru and our team of knowledgeable technicians will help you figure out precisely what your vehicle needs. In the event that your vehicle needs an oil changed, we'll get to work immediately and have your oil changed and your vehicle back to you in no time!

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