You have to love a vehicle that is tough and durable while remaining chic and comfortable. That is what you will get with the Subaru Crosstrek available for sale at Sangera Subaru. Consumers from Delano and Porterville trust Subaru models to perform with pragmatism unmatched by most automakers around the world. You sometimes wonder from year to year what makes a certain vehicle model special. Let's explore the unique features of the new Subaru Crosstrek.

You can be confident that your Subaru vehicle will perform with power no matter the situation. Performance matters whether you are driving on a desolate desert road or driving in the heart of a bustling city around Bakersfield. Beyond performance, safety and technology features make a Subaru an exciting prospect. Plenty of folks travel to our showroom in Bakersfield, CA to see for themselves what makes the Subaru Crosstrek a worthy investment.

New Features For 2020

Are you a consumer who likes to save money while you drive? That is what the newly-available stop-start feature will do for you in the Crosstrek. Automakers know that fuel economy matters. Along with other motivations, it is why they have come out with technology that will only use the engine when needed. At a stop waiting for your friend to come out of their home? Don't worry about using gas up.

The engine will switch off while at a stop and refire when it needs to. The cool thing about the Subaru Crosstrek is that it will give you a detailed report of the fuel you are saving with this feature. The feature is available in models that come equipped with the Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission. It doesn't stop there with newly introduced features for the Crosstrek.

Exciting Comfort, Safety and Technology Features

Automatic climate control is yet another great standard feature introduced for the 2020 Crosstrek. What can this do for you? Quite a bit, to be honest. Set the desired temperature you wish to have for you and the passengers in your cabin and the system will maintain it. The system is dual-zoned, meaning both front passengers can set their desired temperature. Those of us at Sangera Subaru near Porterville have always enjoyed the features offered in a Subaru. They are some of the best on the market.

Those responsible for designing the automobiles at Subaru are mindful when they offer features. You would have to be a misguided decision-maker not to notice that a lot of features make sense in the Crosstrek. Another standard feature in the Crosstrek is the SI-Drive. The intelligent system uses advanced technology that allows the driver to select different modes based on driving conditions.

The new collision-detection automatic door-unlock system proves that the automakers at Subaru take pride in all things surrounding safety. The new feature also comes standard in the Crosstrek. Combining the new with the old is something great. One will find other minor changes in the Crosstrek that add to the worthiness of the vehicle.

Visit Sangera Subaru Near Tehachapi to Learn More

The Crosstrek is truly the total package when it comes to a vehicle that comes with a bevy of functional features. Life can take all sorts of twists and turns. Your vehicle should be a reliable vessel to transport to wherever it may call. View our other new Subaru models for sale.

You can use the safety features in the Crosstrek to safely change lanes or go anywhere using the smart technology that allows for easier driving. The rugged style of the Crosstrek tells you right away that this vehicle is ready to explore. The vehicle handles and rides like a car, making for expanded possibilities. Take advantage while behind the wheel of a Crosstreak in Bakersfield. We look forward to working with you soon!

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