The All-New Subaru Solterra EV in Bakersfield, CA

Find a Subaru Solterra That Fits Your Needs

You can start searching for a new Subaru Solterra on this website. Shoppers can browse our vast inventory to find a feature-rich Solterra. You have many options, including performance, tech, safety, comfort, and convenience features. Do you want a Solterra in a specific color? You can search our inventory by exterior paint color, technology, and price, among other features.

The new Subaru Solterra is available in several trim levels. While the base model has incredible features that make driving a more enjoyable experience, some shoppers choose one of the higher trims with advanced technology and driver-assistance features. Each trim level has an outstanding powertrain that offers a smooth ride around Delano.

Sangera Subaru Bakersfield CA
Sangera Subaru Bakersfield CA

Learn About Our Subaru Solterra Inventory

The chances of finding a new Subaru Solterra you love are high because we have a wide selection of models. We constantly add to our inventory to accommodate the needs of our valued customers from all around Tehachapi. That's why you should always check back frequently if you do not find the exact model you want today.

The new Solterra models we sell at our dealership have an infotainment system with a user-friendly display. You can use the system to control audio, temperature, and various technologies. The technology in the new Solterra makes long drives more enjoyable.

The first-of-its-kind Subaru Solterra offers a zero-emissions alternative to gas-guzzling SUVs. You'll also save time and money from fuel stops. It takes about nine hours to get a full charge when using a 240-volt power supply, including one that you have at home. You can plug in the SUV overnight and be ready to go. If you use a DC fast charger, you can charge the Subaru Solterra up to 80 percent in less than an hour. You can enjoy up to 114 MPGe highway and 111 MPGe city in the Premium trim. The Limited and Touring models offer an EPA-estimated 93 MPGe city and 94 MPGe highway. The full range is about 228 miles for the Premium trim, and slightly less for the other models.

We also offer Solterra models with many driver-assistance features that elevate safety. Some technologies expand your visibility to help you prevent accidents. Other safety features provide helpful alerts when your SUV detects a potential collision threat. Shoppers can use our online search tools to find a new Solterra with specific safety features.

All the new Subaru Solterra models at our dealership have a spacious interior with plenty of legroom for passengers seated in the rear. You will also appreciate the generous cargo space that lets you transport sizable items, like camping gear and other recreational equipment needed for exciting adventures.

How We Help You Find a Subaru Solterra You Love

Not all shoppers need or want the same features. That's why our team is always available to help. A great way to determine which new Subaru Solterra fits your needs is by speaking with a knowledgeable associate who knows what the vehicle offers. Our team can help you determine which model fits your lifestyle. Whether you want a Solterra for commuting, running errands, or recreational activities, we can help you find a model based on your lifestyle.

Another way to get a new Subaru Solterra that ticks all the boxes on your must-have list is with our custom order service. The custom order process lets you choose everything you want. It is possible to save money by custom ordering a new Solterra because you can leave out the features you don't want, which can lower the price.

Are you ready to test drive a new Subaru Solterra? Visit or contact Sangera Subaru soon to arrange a test drive. Getting behind the steering wheel is a great way to determine if the new Solterra fits your needs. Our team is confident that you will appreciate what the new Solterra offers. We can answer any questions you have about the vehicle buying process. You can also get information about any current offers.